I lost my business.

I lost my business. Unfortunately, my business went bankrupt and I couldn't get it back on track. It was a long and expensive road. But because of my carelessness, it all fell apart. I'm in a deep depression. I had to sell it for pennies...


  • Friend, don't get upset! See it as an opportunity to start something new. Now you'll know what you shouldn't do, and you'll be able to build a more reliable business. I got burned out a lot in my day, too. Then I looked at zenbusiness review and made the decision to try again and open a limited company with this company. It's not that expensive to open a limited company.
  • I'm sorry for you, it's really sad. I can imagine how much effort you put into this. Reading above is right, it's an opportunity to try something new.
  • Nothing is impossible unless you THINK and BELIEVE that it's impossible., it's the first channel I stumbled accross some months ago when I first heard about dropshipping. But this one is SO motivating because it compares business, any many reasong to lost in businesses, because main power of business , marketing, and first you Create a Wikipedia Page For An Companies Businesses
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