Noobiest meta in gaming history?

So right now we got flamethrower/ice pylon mages that just have to look in the general direction of an enemy to absolutely fry them. (Ice pylon plays the game for you). Bow projectiles that only miss if you are cross eyed. Void blade god mode healers literally spamming left click that do more dps than an actual melee. Probably the lowest skill ceiling in gaming history. Please bring back the golden age of og bow and og ice spike, og grav well, where the skill cap was much higher. Just cause a good player is good with a weapon does not make something OP. Unbelievable changes, shame on you ags for being absolute boomer gamers with no pvp gamer experience. This game is a SNOOZE fest now.


  • Yes, I totally agree with you! It is for this that a variety of mods are being developed. Perhaps the main advantage of mods over official games is that modders have nothing to lose. They create in full creative freedom, they can make the most unusual gameplay moves, and no one can limit them in anything. That is why there are so many creative projects among fan modifications. So I think that a team that will be interested in doing this will be able to cope with this. So recently I came across and remained interested.
  • Agreed, the mods might be sometimes a solution
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