Professional Video Editing Software that does not require internet?

Hello everyone,

I am an engineer working for an aerospace company, and have found myself in the position, that I will need to start learning and using some video editing software as part of my job function. My company has an enterprise licence for Adobe Premiere Pro. I took a week or so to start learning this software, and I am impressed. It seems like it will be able to do all of the things that we will need it to do, and is used enough in the industry, that it is something else I can put on a resume and others will know what it is.

Unfortunately, there is no internet connection in the lab where this software is to be used, and there is no possibility that any of those computers will be able to EVER touch the internet to enable, update, etc. It is a security policy. (So Adobe Premiere Pro is out) So I thought I would ask some people who would know, what would be a professional grade video editing software (for windows), that can be bought as a stand alone package, not requiring the internet to enable it, obtain the license, etc. Something in the same vein as Adobe Premiere Pro would be ideal, as I already have a bit of time on this one. I am not on this forum very often, so please feel free to send me a private message with some software suggestions. Thanks so much for your time.


  • When we were searching for a Video Production London company, we bumped into some guys, and they taught my friends and me a lot of useful information. Back then, I saw that they used VN to edit the video. I wondered how the app was, and they were open to giving me more details. From what they told and showed me, I understood that I should try it. I'm already using it for a couple of months, and I'm more than delighted that I managed to find this app. No watermark, a lot of useful settings, and easy to use - and no need for internet. I recommend everyone to try it.
  • Hmm, I've never had to look for software with these requirements before. I'm used to the fact that I ALWAYS have internet. If I'm suddenly deprived of this luxury, then I don't need to edit the video, haha. I think you need to check out Movavi's video editing software. You can download this video editor for any version of Windows for free and check if it suits your requirements. I'm sure there is no such task that he couldn't perform without a network connection. I'll be happy to help if you have any questions.
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