Cover for pool with 2 sides anchored in grass

Any opinions on a solid with a pump vs a smart mesh. My concern is worrying about water level and having to drain water from the pool to keep it below tile line. How is this done? Submergible pump? Do u have to take the cover partially off? How do u even know how high the water level is with the cover on. The pool company said they don’t recommend solid because they don’t last as long (they get brittle so like 5-7 years vs 10 years plus) another thing they said is when it snows you have to take the cover pump off so it doesn’t freeze then put it back on when it begins to melt. On top of having to sweep off heavy snow. We r in NJ and don’t get tons of snow usually though.
Is the perimeter padding necessary? I don’t have natural stone, it is a techo bloc clock cast concrete product. Or is the padding necessary because if the drop in the grass area only or is it necessary all around the pool?
I love the tfp method, but haven’t looked into how you guys close your pools yet. Is it bad to let the pool company do it? With them there to install the cover for the first year thinking it’s easier for them, but what should I make sure they do to continue with the tfp concept. Where does the water get lowered to? Just below waterline tile? Below 6” step into pool? Below 12 sun deck? Below 16” bench? I have so many levels to the pool and with the Texas freeze I saw a pool on here that had their sun deck freeze and pull the plaster off with it. Was that just a weird thing or can this happen with horizontal surfaces and a small amount of water so it needs to be lowered below areas like that.
Pricing wise do you guys feel this is along the line? I had one company quote close to $5,000 for solid, not sure if people are taking advantage in this market.


  • I have a solid Meyco cover that is about 20 years old and going strong. I put pumps on the cover to clear water and need to take them in before any big snow or freeze. When I let the pumps get buried in snow they eventually get corrosion and GFCI trips. Once snow is on the cover then the pumps stay off until there is a major thaw.
  • Please tell me, what type of crop have you planted around your pool on the lawn next to it? I'm curious about this because I'm about to buy tif tuf bermuda grass seeds to plant. Many people have told me that improper turf can sprout too much by the pool and often get into the water. My neighbour's pool often gets dried grass particles, so he makes his son take them out with a net before each time he goes out to school. I don't think it's very satisfying to clean that out of a clean pool constantly, so I'm asking you. Did you think this through somehow, or did you just plant the first turf you could find at the store?
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