Accents fascinate me. I'm from Virginia, so I have a bit of a southern accent ((random: I say 'yall' all the time)).

I try not to come off as mocking when someone speaks differently, I just think it's cool. One of my best friends is from Massachusetts and it amazes me how much of a difference in slang and regular speaking we have. More than once I've had to define something that I think is everyday language.

Um... yeah, I think I totally avoided the point of the thread, but oh well. My first post. I'm allowed to ramble.


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    I am new to this forum and am quite excited. Trully this is my first computer and though not my first time online, it is the first time doing so in the comfort of my home. I read that the live chat was having trouble getting off the ground. I pledge to tell any body interested where to find it and check to see if any body is there regularily. The voice of thousands is quieter than the whisper of one. :!:
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    welcome waldo-i too just recently joined the ranks of the home computer elite. You've picked a good site to start out on.
    I think I'm supposed to be running part of the chat times but i've neglected my duties severely- maybe if more show interest it'll get off the ground.
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    Yes, welcome to CenterTao, Waldo! Hope you enjoy your stay here. We tried to have prearranged chat times a couple months ago, but somehow it wasn't happening (time zones were a problem as I recall) and I removed the schedule, but I can put it back up at the drop of a hat . . . just let me know what time (GMT). (Oh, but I won't be able to attend to that until next week, by the way.)


    [P.S. - Thread moved to the CenterTao Lounge -- if it's not particularly philosophical then it belongs in the Lounge.]
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