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(1)..."Taoism is for the select few who see the light" .... Surely that was not your intent.
(2)... the whole idea of trying to promote Taoism sounds a bit funny.

Two good points, which I'll tackle straight away...

(1) Taoism is for anyone for whom a Taoist world 'clicks'. Taoism (or what ever we want to call 'it') doesn't claim it's the 'true' view, i.e., the [chref=1]name that can be named... [/chref], unlike most other religions, I guess. In that regard, it's hard to even say that Taoist thought is a religion as such. As far as a "select few": that is indeed the situation. Only a few folks are drawn to the Taoist viewpoint. It runs counter to much of our 'common sense'. This quote sums it up well:

[chref=43]That is why I know the benefit of resorting to no action.
The teaching that uses no words, the benefit of resorting to no action,
these are beyond the understanding of all but a very few in the world. [/chref]

Is this Taoist view the 'light', as you put it, and the 'common sense' view false? Well, only a 'select few' still think the earth is flat. So,...? Wouldn't most folks find many Taoist views as crazy as the flat earth view. Who's crazy? Who's right? Who cares? We see what we believe, and believe what we see. It is up to the individual to kick the tires.

(2) Ha! Evangelize the Taoism? Essentially this site reflects my pathetic attempt to participate socially with like minded 'crazy Taoist minded' folks. And, what do I mean by 'Taoist minded'. Let's just fall back on chapter one... To paraphrase: 'The Taoist mind [chref=1]that can be spoken of...' [/chref] Why is it pathetic? Because anything that passes for a 'Taoist view' is so far outside the mainstream that I (we) would have a better chance finding community participation by joining a tribe of cannibals.... but, I'm cutting back on red meat. :lol:

Seriously, this site is an extension of our Sunday Taoist meeting. We've always thought of this meeting place as a kind of social watering hole for Taoist minded and curious folks to stop by on their way through life. So, welcome! Come on in and sit a spell. :)


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    Just wondering but how many of you actually like trading spouses. Yes you may all be bickering that it isn't factual, but those of you who acted on it were the ones who actually said those things. It was up to you whether you wanted to or not. I love the show, personally it portrays some great familys, like the Abbots family.
    I hope to hear your opinions.
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    well, any of these reality shows i've ever seen i count as guilty pleasures-i dont seek them out but most i've mangaed to catch were enjoyable enuf-but then I go into everything i watch, from ts to the nightly news, with the idea that it's mostly fictionalized.
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    After Fox's distortion of the truth and the way they treated the Abbott family, I would never watch TS again. What's the point of watching a reality show when the reality is reinvented by Fox. Might as well watch Fox news!

    (I would say that I would never watch Fox again, but I would go through Simpson's withdrawal.)
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    You have displayed some really good points there. Maybe some of those reality shows they show like the simple life are completely scripted. The thing with reality t.v is that you don't actually know whether its fact or fiction. :shock:
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    Of course, in this (our) case, we know for a fact that it's fiction!

    And for your information, we didn't "actually said those things." Well, not everything. Hey, it's a great show . . . a fictional one, but . . .
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    sorry Luke, Just stating my opinion im not trying to provide fictional information. Sorry :lol:
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