Do you choose your mood each day?

Alas somebody from Singapore beat me to posting while I was happily reading the many threads about TS.

Yes your episode was just shown in Singapore. Having just returned from Santa Barbara where I lived for half a year, and knowing many people from Santa Cruz, I am absolutely envious of those I know who could thread barefoot everywhere. Many of my friends lead lifestyles like yours, yoga, tai-chi and would cherish at any opportunities to commune with nature and feel the earth beneath their feet. I was very upset by the portrayed intolerance of "the different". Being Chinese, I am always admiring of any non-chinese friends who makes the effort to try, just as I struggle at feigning fluent spanish. lol right of course im just a crazy tree hugging hippie :lol:

I was really glad that in doing a search for more information on TS after watching the show, I found this forum. It made me so relieve to read the page written by Luke about the parade of lies. I just could not believe that somebody who would be repelled by the redwoods could be absolutely right in her assessment of a lifestyle she is not familiar with. Even if that was a false portrayal... *shrugs* I am just glad and reassured by this forum.

Just reading that makes it clear that the boys are not "brainwashed" and "controlled". *sigh* TV is truly evil.

so much thoughts running through my head but I think I'm happy knowing that I don't really need to say them. All of you have enough supporters and those who know the truth. It's just terrible this show is making around the world at a very slow rate and not all viewers are going to be chancing upon this website. There are just too many close minded people in this world who will always look at something different as necessarily bad.


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    Do you choose your mood each day?
    For example, today I think I'll choose to be in a bright sunny cheerful mood; tomorrow I'll try out a gloomy depressed one, and on the following day maybe a 'chip on my shoulder' kind of angry mood just to stir things up a bit.

    (1) If you say yes, you truly do have free will. In choosing your mood you, in effect, choose how you'll feel and probably behave that particular day. I'm impressed! :shock: Note: No fair cheating by having a beer, [chref=20]partaking of the 'Tai Lao' offering, going up to a terrace in spring,[/chref] or some other distraction to change your mood.

    (2) If you say no, then your life (like mine) proceeds at the whim of your human biology interacting with your circumstances, in a push pull of conflicting needs... with the strongest one winning the moment. Of course, there is a [chref=6]dimly visible[/chref] component of [chref=1]mystery[/chref]. But, to speak about that would just diminish 'it'.

    (3) If you say no, but you still believe you have free will, then all I can say is really? Please explain how that works, or is it more like a faith based free will? Naturally, that would be non negotiable - non debatable. The beliefs on to which we hold form the foundation of our self identity... i.e.,Buddha's Second Noble Truth . However, if we wish to realize non-self, won't the beliefs on to which we hold hinder that journey :?: :?: :?:
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    Sometimes i happen to choose my mood. If i wake up in the morning and the weather is horrible and rainy, it it quite obvious how im going to feel. Especially if i have to walk a long distance. I then decide, today im going to be very angry and give everyone grief.
    Dont you just love that?
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    Women grow up knowing that our moods are at the mercy of hormones; we know we have no control! Somedays, anyone (especially significant others of the opposite sex) who cross our paths will regret it! At least that was Rick's experience.

    I have experienced waking up in a foul mood and being able to let go of it. It feels like resistance to everything and if I can become aware of the specific feeling and let myself feel it completely, give myself over to the physical sensation, then I can let it go. Other times, I don't want to! So there!
    However, if we wish to realize non-self, won't the beliefs on to which we hold hinder that journey

    But isn't the idea of non-self also a belief? Is that the snake eating its own tail? It boggles my mind, so I'll put that aside.

    In my experience, non-self is a state that exists without any regard to our beliefs. It seems to transcend all the concepts our mind dreams up, and at the same time the realization of non-self blows away all beliefs, or at least shows how trivial, narrow, and small our beliefs are. "There is more to heaven and earth than is dreamed of in..." human "...philosophy, Horatio."
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