Need To Access Quickbooks Remotely?

QuickBooks is among the most widely-used financial management and accounting software for businesses and professionals. While the reason for that is because QuickBooks brings about several key benefits that are unmatched by competitors, there are still certain aspects where users may find lacking with the software. One of these aspects is the lack of remote access to the desktop version of QuickBooks. If you need to access QuickBooks remotely, read on to learn about the tools available to help you do so.

Benefits of QuickBooks Remote Access

QuickBooks Remote Access allows users to retrieve important data anywhere and anytime at the exact same time. For companies that are thinking about operating on a work-from-home basis, this means a viable way of reducing travel expenses and rental cost for offices. With remote access, multiple accountants can work on the same file together and management is able to review the work of the accountants at any time.

Remote Access Support for QuickBooks

To gain remote access, Intuit has come up with 3 methods for QuickBooks users:

Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on cloud – authorized third parties can host QuickBooks on their cloud servers. This provides more flexibility for users to use QuickBooks on various devices and easier customization with add-ons. This option is the most suitable for professionals and businesses that require frequent remote access and cooperation from multiple users.

Accessing QuickBooks Online – QuickBooks Online is a secure cloud-based platform that allows users to access QuickBooks remotely. This option is the most suitable for those who need an intermediate level of remote access.

Using QuickBooks Remote Access Tools – after buying the remote access add-on tool from Intuit, you can perform basic functions remotely on QuickBooks such as copying and printing of files. This option is the most suitable for sole users who only need occasional remote access. Here are the QuickBooks Hardware Requirements Given below-

-Operating systems

-Database servers

-Hardware and operating system requirements

-Software compatibility

-QuickBooks Remote Access Security

It is important that financial data are kept securely, and proper internal controls are in place. Remote access to QuickBooks may cause uncertainty over security issues. On the other hand, if you opt for other methods of remote access to QuickBooks that are not supported by Intuit, you will have to evaluate the security of the tool you are using.

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