Best way to fasten 2x4 to thin metal?

I need to install a 2x4 piece of wood about 12 ft long on top of a flat pan patio cover. The aluminum sheets are about .032 or maybe .036 the most. I need this wood to go thru the top thru the sheet and be able to hold a 35 lb object in place.
I was thinking about driving a few 3/8 stainless steel lag bolts thru with double washers on both sides and a nut on the bottom to tighten it.
Is there any better way to hold it down?


  • The best way of fastening in this case is the bolt method. Holes are drilled in the connected parts, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the bolt. A bolt is inserted into the hole, which is fastened with a nut on the wrong side. To ensure an even distribution of the road from the joint on the thin metal, washers or special guests can be placed under the bolt cap and under the nut. It is not recommended to do this on your own, as it is quite a difficult job. Try asking experts in this field about it. And you can buy high-quality parts using Scrooz.
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