how to determine phases between a natal planet and moon nodes

I'm trying to apply the concept of the 8 phases to use in interpreting aspects between planets in the natal chart.
However I'm a bit mystified by how to apply this to the moon nodes. do the phases apply such as new, crescent, 1st quarter etc. between a natal planet and moon node?

2.For example can a planet be in balsamic phase to the SN and full phase to the NN etc?
a.How does one determine that--if a planet is aspected to the SN which is the reference point?
b. what is the reference point when the node aspected by a calculated point such as a Part of fortune or midpoint in a natal chart?

3.Because the motion of the nodes is reverse of the planets--what happens when the planets and nodes are both reverse--same question--how does one determine the reference point?



  • With the help of I understood that your life purpose is encoded in the north node and south node of the moon - an interesting subject to research. Lunar nodes are placed opposite each other in the general chart. Nodes aren't planets but rather some kind of mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs. Let's suppose your north node is in Capricorn. Your south node will be in its opposite sign of Cancer in this case. The lunar nodes also help us by answering questions like - What to do with life? What is our mission? And many others.
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