What should be done about hateful posts?

There's a fella named Will Wright (creator of Sim City) who explained his success with that joke.


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    I think the question speaks for itself.

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    let em post-expose fools for who they are. I'm sorry you ever deleted that one where i was called a pornographer...ridiculous, and trolls never last long anyway, their attention span is too short-something shiny catches their eye and they're distracted...
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    I think since it's your webiste, and you maintain it, you have the right to allow/not allow the posts. Perhaps if you forced them (or that one individual :roll: ) to register, we would see a reduction in the amount of hateful posts. Then again, that would reduce their freedom to express themselves.
    Although if I was around your pc, I can see myself doing what Taocow did!! :D Perhaps they will, as Buddy1 pointed out, get bored with their trolling and go elsewhere.
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    Well, since I am very new here, I don't know if I am qualified to respond to this yet...I have a LOOOOOONG way to go to catch up to you, Buddy1! :D

    BUT, I'd say just allow the posters, regardless of their nastiness factor- they aren't to be taken too seriously anyhow. I thought the idea of a forced registration was a good idea as well.

    I also wanted to say how much I've enjoyed getting to 'know' your family and your life! Thanks for being willing to share so much with all of us!
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    It has been my notice that posts on threads can't convey the meaning of the poster, even when the post was meant tounge in cheek. I think that you should not allow "guest" to be able to post, read yes, post no.

    Luke you are very bright and will make the correct decision after reflection.

    peace out,
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