Steps to Resolve iPhone Contacts Disappeared issue

In this post, we discuss the best ways to resolve your iPhone Contacts disappeared issue. Below are the mentioned steps:-

First of all, close your iCloud account then try to sign in again.

Now, change the the settings of group for your iPhone Contacts.

For iPhone Contacts, Turn off/on your iCloud account.

Check that your iPhone settings id selected as default.

After that, try to recover your iPhone contacts with the help of iTunes/finder backup.

We can also restore your iPhone Contacts wit the help of third party data recovery software.

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    I lost more than 200+ contacts in my iPhone 12, gonna check if your trick works or not for sure. I am having some issues with iPhone because I just shifted to IOS from Android, even though I did not know where is clipboard on iphone 12. Lol. I google it & found a website named Which helped me the most in understanding things related to Apple, iMac, iPad & all other Apple accessories.
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