Getting rid of ant...

I need to exterminate several large ant colonies on my property. I've made a few attempts in the past, but they keep coming back stronger than ever. Recently discovered a huge hill behind some bushes not far from the house, this thing is probably 3 feet long and 2 feet wide! Another one is easily a foot and a half high and probably 14-16 inch diameter. Wasn't sure what it was so gave it a kick, sure enough ant hill. Any surefire solutions? Looked online but the remedies there seem pretty weak to me,like pouring hot soapy water on it. Anything I can use that will put an end to the whole colony?


  • Exterminating ants is a real challenge because you never know how many tunnels they may have underground. Internet remedies are useful if the situation is not so complicated. It worked for me to find out the problem with ants coming to my house or nearby, after which I turned to an extermination company to clean the place. Some professionals from helped me get rid of ants at home, and they also discovered a beehive that was going to cause me problems.
  • My house also had a lot of ants last year, I had a lot of headaches during that time. Fortunately, I found a solution at the wordle unlimited website.
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