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Oh my...

Let he who is without reason cast the first stone.

And the second...

And the third....

And so on...

I can understand the frustration many people feel regarding Ms. Gates' appearance on Trading Spouses and there were some things about her behavior as shown that I found disturbing. However, I don't see what is served by meeting her with so much emotional violence.

Ms. Gates does seem like a rather closed person who went into her experience determined to be a teacher when she should have approached it as one approaches anything new--as a student. What she would have found had she been more loving and open was a culture that understands only too well the need to strike out as pioneers and risk liminalisation. What she would have found is a people who accept and encourage a higher degree of individualism than some other parts of the country. The limits and boundaries are pushed much further back to accomodate those differences while keeping time honored traditions alive. I hope she got some glimpse of that. Being a southerner myself, I'll say that we strongly believe everything is fixable and I hope she really does see the mutability of the human spirit that we almost take for granted down here and tries again. Sometimes two is a charm...sometimes three.

Bottom line is, maybe its time to stop being an exclamation point because it only seems to be attracting other exclamation points and offer up something that is more in the lovely curvy spirit of a question mark.


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    Shouldn't Luke disable guests from posting because many of them are against the Abbotts. Its just sad and harrassing.
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    yes, a side kick to the knee would disable them just fine...
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    *smashes the pc, making sure it sends out guest knockout... umm can you repeat that umm thing?*
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    Well, Vincent has a good point. As the administrator of this web site, not only can I disable anonymous guests from posting . . . I can ban any user from posting. I can delete posts with the touch of a button. I can edit anyone's post, user or guest, to say whatever I want them to say. I can create users and have them say good things about us. In fact, all the posts on this whole web site could be nothing more than Luke Abbott under different screen names! I don't know about you, but hearing that would kinda freak me out.

    So you can probably see why I make a point of not using my moderator privledges unless absolutely necessary. Like Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. :wink:

    I have briefly considered deleting a few posts that were very mean regarding Trading Spouses, but then again, that would be editing reality, and isn't that what our beef with FOX was in the first place? :?
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    Very wise, Luke.

    I was thinking better these people vent their angrer on a harmless message board (you know, sticks and stones) than that they kick the dog.
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    [cite] Luke Abbott:[/cite] "I can edit anyone's post, user or guest, to say whatever I want them to say"
    so that's where the voice inside my head are coming from. :lol:

    it does have a valid point to keep troll's from posting hateful messages.

    [Edit: Had to make a nice "quote" box... :P -Luke]
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    well if you had 100000 bad posts to delete, I think you would get frustrated clicking 100000 times. Hmm maybe you are right, phpBB would have a quick delete function right?

    EDIT: did you relise that most people don't post much in the other forums?
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    I should and will post more in the other 'deeper' forums-but i've been too busy lately to do much deep thinking-but then even shallow thinking is better than most people's efforts...and communication, not convincing anyone of my philosophy is whats important to me right now...
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