Mass marketing in bushcraft world

I am torn as to how i feel about all this stuff, does everyone have to be selling or pushing or promoting something?

Please let me explain a bit what i mean and i'll try not to rant too much.

So then i have a youtube channel, it is 2 years old now and has always been slowly and steadily growing, i also linked to this an Instagram and Facebook channel, this was done to open my content up to the world, i want to reach out to fellow outdoors folks as some folks on here already know i am the kind of crazy guy who one day might turn up in your local wilderness, i am not selling anything and i have no plans to be selling anything, my Youtube is not monitized and never will be as i am not doing this to make money it is my hobbies and my fun, i even have the adverts turned off on my Youtube channel so if people are viewing my stuff they are not interrupted with adds.

Right then i am getting to my point :D thanks for bearing with me.

My Youtube is growing and i started getting emails from companies offering to "help me grow my channel" after reading their patter on their websites this is basically by having me promote products and other such distasteful (to me) stuff in the guise of promoting my content, i pimp their products or services and they pimp my content to a wider audience on their platforms via all the social medias n such, the only way to explain properly what i mean is for me to copy into this the email i got today, this is not the first like this just the first from this company


  • Personally, I prefer influence marketing. Influence marketing can be more profitable and cheaper. Coverage and traffic with direct placements in author channels and blogs can be cheaper than contextual, targeted or video advertising. Of course, if you do everything correctly: choose a live thematic platform without cheating, come up with an interesting creative taking into account the preferences of the target audience, respond in the comments and participate in the promotion. You can find out a lot more information about this with
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