Favorite Saying of an Unlucky Gambler

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I blame the editing.
NOBODY likes you.
I like her.
people have HATE for you.
I don't have hate for her.
One persona supports you
I support her and last time I checked, I'm a persona.

I may be different than everybody else but I'm just normal.

If you want to get your point across, the worst place to do it is on a board that is opposite of your opinion. There are plenty of boards out there who bought the Trading Spouses shows hook, line and stinker. You might enjoy those more. Purely a suggestion. :wink:


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    "Never trust fate with a crappy hand"

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    akin to: 'Trust in God, but lock your car.'
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    trust in god, everyone else pays cash.

    one my mom always said, "never bet on a horse named Popcorn"
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    never play cards with a guy named Pops

    never eat at a place called Moms
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