Thank You, Abbotts

I haven't seen you in a bad mood before. Hmm well I did join only a few day ago.


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    I just wanted to thank the Abbotts, Luke especially, for sharing your experiences here on this website.

    I am a humor writer for an internet website that covers reality television. I ended up with the assignment of covering Trading Spouses, and entered into it with few expectations...but it didn't take long to catch on to the show's thrust. You aren't the first people I talked to who went through the Trading Spouses experience, and by the time I covered your episode I was flinching inwardly the whole time. I lived and went to school in Santa Cruz, and I consider it to be a special and unique place; I also knew that anything smacking of "granola" would be exaggerated out of proportion.

    I thought I was pretty aware of the odd splices and obvious editing, but it wasn't really until I read Luke's detailed article that I realized how pervasive the editing was. For example, the scene where Vicky asked about the coffee and televisions - yes, it was choppy, but I guess I assumed they wouldn't manipulate it to be the exact opposite of the truth. It was an eye-opening moment.

    One small thing that I have done since learning about your experience is that I have made an effort to increase our communication with reality show contestants. We do our best to get interviews, but since we go through "official" channels, the heavy hand of editing is ever-present. (The publicist actually sits on the phone line to make sure nothing is asked or answered that might smack of controversy.)

    Anyway, I appreciate the level of detail you shared with us in debunking the episodes created out of your lives. I'm going to catch you guys in concert one of these days. And way cool pics - especially the one with Lex!
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    Hepcats a hilarious writer, btw. i dont watch the shows but i read her reviews...

    order their cd's: next best thing to being there.
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