Solvent cement and ENT

I did a panel swap a year ago and, making use of materials in the van, I used a short piece of ENT to extend conductors to the panel. I used PVC conduit connectors, which is acceptable by the manufacturers.

This week I added some things and got rid of the ENT. I tugged on it and the ENT cracked off at both connectors. All I can think of is that the solvent cement weakened the ENT. Weird.


  • Hi, I also have a question. It might be a little off-topic, though. So, I had some concrete stairs built leading to the cellar. When the house was built, an issue remained. When it rains heavily, there is a lot of water coming down those stairs. I was suggested to have them coated in some sealer; I was recommended this manufacturer - particularly. I have never heard about them before, but the reviews are good. Can anyone provide some feedback?
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