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Real Estate Listing Leads | Home Seller Leads - Offrs.com : offrs.com delivers exclusive listing leads and seller leads to real estate agents, Home Sellers, using predictive analytics. We predict over 70% of listings and ensure you are first in the door to win listings.


  • Hello! And how can I contact them?
  • Recently, more and more people want to buy real estate because prices are gradually decreasing. Some sources say that this is due to the unstable situation in the world market and the desire of owners to get rid of illiquid assets as soon as possible. Therefore, when my wife and I decided to buy an apartment, we turned to [Mortgage Advice London https://Londonmoneyman.com to get advice and decide which offer was the most profitable. There are still a lot of scammers in this industry who are sometimes difficult to recognize. Thank you for sharing useful sources. And I urge all forum users to be more careful.
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