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I could wear the best shoes, and the finest suits and still be considered weird...but like you i dont care-if i wanta wear them i do, and if not, nobody's gonna make me-in 4th grade i was told i have an attitude problem, and it hasnt gotten any better in the 30 years since-
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    I recently came to a practitioner who is licensed in accupuncture. He expressed tao beliefs and i knew this from books i had read and
    i recently started macrobiotic cooking for health reasons. At my first
    appointment he started making statements about me and suggesting
    changes in the way i view life based on his statements. I basically
    would like some input from someone familiar with tao and accupuncture.
    He seemed interested in "my energy" and asked me questions about
    body fluids. Is it possible for someone practicing accupuncture to take
    or manipulate your enery for their advantage. He also made references
    to tantra. Can you give input/
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    Danger! Beware! Seek a second opinion, and if it is anything like the first, go seek yet another. One of the longest running ?Taoist' (in name only) scams aims at health and longevity. If you are up to it, try this Free Health Progam. Now, I leave you with a bit of wisdom from chapter 55 of the Tao Te Ching.

    [chref=55]To try to add to one's vitality is called ill-omened;
    For the mind to egg on the breath is called violent.[/chref]

    Of course the most obvious thing here is his barely disguised sexual motivation. Integrity... indeed :!:
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