What happens to all the tennis drug/gambling cheats during this period?

Got this from MTF.

So what will happen to the player's suspensions? Are they frozen, and will continue when the tour starts - or the ban is ongoing and the months are currently been counted?
Also those who had arranged tribunals (or whatever they are called) to state their case, do you think someone is currently looking at their cases?


  • Hmm, very interesting question. I'm not a proffesional or a lawyer. However, I believe that they are banned from any upcomming tournaments. Also, some fees are applied.  I'm still wondering that sportsmen are using drugs . So many risks involved but their will to win everyone at all costs still wins. I personally play slots online, you know things like judi bola. I've never even thought about tricking a system. What's the point? There's no joy of victory then. I hope  one day everyone will play fair.
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