How much Home insurance you pay?

hey, just wanted to get an idea of how much home insurance you pay a year and roughly how much coverage? Condo or house? does it include flood? how bad does it flood in your area? FL is at the top of my list for retirement. Not in FL currently - where i am at pay $800 for about $390k dwelling coverage, 3% deductable all perils, additional 5% for hurricane


  • A fire, a gas explosion, a robbery, a natural disaster, neighbors forgot to turn off the faucet in the bathroom — in all these situations you risk incurring serious losses and even completely lose your house or apartment. Insurance helps to compensate for losses in part or in full. That is why more and more people in the modern world are choosing insurance for their real estate. I decided to choose the same path, so I insured my house using a special Youi platform. And how do you feel about home insurance and how much do you expect?
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    I would say that it is very difficult to give specific figures, as it depends on the insurance company you have chosen. For example, I have homeowners insurance, but recently I've been wondering Because with my pool there are often malfunctions that occured not by my fault, but the one who designed this pool, and I could save a lot of money if my pool was also insured. I read on agilerates that it's quite common for you to be compensated for pool leaks, because it's common, especially in older pools, as regular use can cause cracks in the pool surface over time.
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    To get good home insurance, you still need to try because many insurance companies do not have the conditions the house owner should receive. For example, I also live in Florida and pay about $ 850. Still, my insurance contract says that the company will not pay money for repairs and restoration in the event of a flood. It's good that in a couple of months, my contract expires. I will read as many useful articles about dwelling insurance as possible to be sure of the next filling out of the contract, or I will have to contact an insurance agent.
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