real estate costs can be insane

800sqft 400,000. Sound good, sound bad?

I recently met a person who lives in Lake Taho. She was liquidating her father's estate here. People were asking her why she wasn't taking more of his stuff back with her. Her answer was she lives in a 500sqft house, it's worth 1.4mil, and that will have to do if she wants to stay there.


  • The scarcity of available properties is the primary cause of previously unbelievable high prices. Although more properties have been advertised in recent months, there are still around half as many homes for sale as there were at the beginning of 2020. If a house is overvalued and you buy it to that amount, there are significant dangers. Overpriced homes generally appraise for less, forcing you to either decrease the price or put your house back on the market after the buyer finds another home. I once bought an overpriced house and got -20% profit. Now I visit this platform, and I know what to invest in.
  • Yes, I agree with you, the cost of apartments is sometimes very high. In fact, it is made up of many criteria. The prestige of the area and its characteristics, infrastructure, and the presence of industrial enterprises or parks are one of the most important factors in creating the price. Type and material of the house, layout, balconies, and basement, the possibility of completion, and redevelopment. Many people prefer brick houses and faster new buildings with a modern layout. When I was trying to figure this out, I consulted, and they explained everything to me. I think you should go to a specialist who will answer all your questions.
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