New Online Vault and Security

I have been a Roboform (RF) user for probably 10 years now. Perhaps, like many previous users on this forum, I decided to try 1password (OP) thanks to Paul Moore and his review on RF, in addition to his recommendation for OP. After ignoring his advice for years, my RF subscription is finally coming to an end and I'm ready to switch.
The guy didn't attract crazy attention, but from these three articles, an important conclusion for me was that RF implemented online storage. After logging into the account and trying to access my password there, I will need to enter the master password, and decryption is done on the server, which means they will have my master password regardless of how they handle this information. Paul recommends OP because, I suppose, at the time he was writing the article, he didn't have an online server.

However, today, during my first contact with OP, it looks like OP has evolved and is now hosting its own server in addition to the new subscription structure. So, I have opened an account for online storage, and of course I have to enter my MASTER PASSWORD to log into my storage?!

To sum up, my concerns are as follows:

1) Why did you decide to force users to use the master password as the password to log in to the online storage? I avoided LastPass for exactly this reason. FYI, no matter how insecure the RF online server was, they at least offered the option to use a different password to log into the online account and then use the master password to decrypt the access cards.

2) How does your approach differ from RFin, which allows users to access their passwords online? For example, for RF, I log into my online account then enter my master password when I want to check each individual access card. How does your approach differ from the above approach? For an almost similar user interface between OP and RF, which consists of logging into an online repository and searching for my passwords, how or why don't you have my master password?

To be honest, I haven't imported all my access cards into OP vault, so I can't see the full picture here. Please consider this post as both a request and an education request.

Thank you for reading!


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    For me, online storage (or as it is also called cloud file storage) of files is the best choice for saving important files. Firstly, it saves space on the device: on a computer, laptop or smartphone. Secondly, it is increased security for your files. Almost all cloud storages have two-factor authentication or end-to-end encryption, which reliably protects your files. And the third is the ability to easily share files with other users or between different devices. Lately I've been using for cloud storage and quite satisfied. I've been using cloud storage not so long ago, but I really like this thing. And thank you very much for the article, it was really very exciting!
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