Attentiveness to me means being in the NOW! There is no past or future, but only NOW. I think an animal, say a Cheetah, when its curiosity is aroused the "attentiveness" is very obvious and striking. It is a sad condition when we humans appear to attach to the past or we are overly concerned about the future.

When dealing with teenagers I try to get them in the NOW. In others words, if we are studing Algebra or analyzing Hamlet in an English class be there, be Algebra, be Hamlet and keep focused. A lot of students for whatever reason have a very difficult time to stay focused. I am not including the ADD & ADHD students etc.

Has anyone tried utilizing this Noble Truth Attentiveness with teenagers? I have managed to reach a couple of the students with this approach. The A & B students apparently do not have this problem. I am a volunteer math & physics tutor and sub.
What do you think?


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    Hello all. I was just wondering about livechat - is anyone interested in arranging a set time for a discussion? it's hard to find other taoists for discussion is all...
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    I'm always up for it, and might work depending what the time difference is between Oz and the west coast of the US where I'm at...I post in the early am here (midnight to 6am)
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    At this point, I think the Live Chat feature goes mostly unused, due to just that fact: no set times. Buddy mentioned before that he was interested in hosting, but I never followed up on that. So if you or anyone else out there is interested, just let me know what days of the week and what times and I will put up a notice... Probably best to have a small block like, say, an hour, so that people are more likely to connect at the same times... Email me or reply here with times and dates if you're interested...
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    i would be up for arranging something like that! (i'm on gmt + 10hrs btw)
    i'm on in the afternoons here (7 to 8pm my time), when is convenient for everyone else?
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    [Edit: I've erased the time zone chart because it was just confusing things further...]
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    (using my C3PO voice) Master Luke, is it 6:30PM California time or Australian time ? I'm so confused, its my lot in life. :-)
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    sorry, there was a problem when I clicked 'submit', it gave me a really weird error.

    peace out,
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    I have no idea what gmt I'm in...heres when i'm available: US west coast time 1am-5am thursday thru monday, and occasionally during the day with a couple days advance warning.
    Until i get a home computer (yes, i live in the 19th century) this is the best i can do.
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    All right, so I guess the GMT (or is it UTC?) based time format is a bit confusing, so I added some geographic references. To answer your question, unclebob, no, that's 6:30 pm Austrailian Time. For those of us on the West coast of the America, that converts to half past midnight. (Which, on a personal note, means that, sadly, I shall be sound asleep while y'all are chatting it up.)

    Maybe, since duirtree is available after 12:30 am (Pacific Standard Time) M-Tu-W-F and Buddy's available 1:00 to 5:00 am Th-F-S-Su-M (if I'm reading that right), we should instead schedule chat times for 1:00 am US Pacific (7:00 pm Austrailian) on Mondays and Fridays, so at least the two of you can both attend and keep each other company . . . . . . . let me know if this sounds like a good idea . . .
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    yup, 7 sounds good to me!
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    What if I have nothing to say? Heeheehee-always being difficult...
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    All right, I'm going to make this even MORE confusing. Why?

    I was about to ask, "Why wasn't anybody in the chat room this morning? It's Friday morning!" Well, then I realized, while it may be Friday in the US, I think it's still Thursday in Austrailia . . . or wait, is it Saturday? OK, so I'm going to have to make a new chart...

    Now, Buddy, when you say you're available on Friday, do you really mean Friday night/Saturday morning?
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    (First of all, that was me in the last post, I was just at TaoCow's PC.)

    Man, this is confusing. I just found out that parts of Austrailia are in Daylight Savings Time now, and are going to be leaving DST in a few days . . . just as Europe is entering DST.

    Argggggggggggh! So confusing! :?
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    heheheh......this is flowing smoothly :?
    ok, daylight saving time...strupidest idea ever, i will compensate for it by being online an hour after the designated chat time, and will wait for an hour after 'till i give up. i.e: chat time at 7pm (gmt+10), i'll be on from 6-8. hopefully everyone can then figure out what that is in their own time zones, im terrible with that sort of thing...
    also, if time zones turn out to be incompatible due to work, etc, we could always do this on weekends!
    hope i haven't just added to the confusion...
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    I like daylight savings time .. but I think we should leave it one or the other, not change every six months. it take TOO long to go through and change all the clocks .... and I always forget one and it's the one I look at it when I'm running to an appointment, so I'm either an hour early or an hour late arrrrg. :-)
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    Having other countries confuses my life-should just be one hugh enormous country, all in the same time zone.

    So was anyone here tonite? I missed it if so-2am here now, and just logging on-my computer time is hit & miss, depending on who's here and what else I need to do.

    Generally I'm online from 1145 pm to 6am most nights-all times approximate-I work wednesday night / thursday morning to sunday night / monday morning-so i'm not available from monday am to wednesday pm...

    yes, this is proceeding like a herd of turtles...
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    [cite] duirtree:[/cite]heheheh......this is flowing smoothly
    Yeah, isn't this fun? lol, why don't y'all just come to Santa Cruz tomorrow and y'all can chat at our house...

    All right, so here's what I've done:
    • I've posted a schedule on the chat page (here). Let me know if the times need changing. Speaking of times...
    • All times are now exclusively in GMT. It is up to the user to figure out what time zone they're in (it's a handy thing to know, anyway), and just add or subtract their GMT offset (for example, in California that would be subtracting eight hours),
    • I changed the 'Live Chat' link at the top of the page, and added a niftly little feature to it: it now blinks when people are chatting . . . and doesn't when nobody's in there!
    • I updated the chat box a bit, but most of you probably won't notice, more 'under-the-hood type stuff,
    • I added a scheduled chat for this Sunday at 7:00 pm GMT (right after our Sunday meeting). Buddy and duirtree won't be able to attend, but I'll be on CenterTao anyway updating the 'Chapter of the Week,' so I figured, what the heck...

    Finally, duirtree: no need to be on an hour early now . . . just find out when 9:00 am GMT is for your time zone and log on then . . . besides, DST in Austrailia ends tomorrow, doesn't it?

    Thanks for your patience with this all...

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