Best crypto brokers?

Hey all, thinking about expanding my knowledge and getting into crypto’s as well as forex. Currently using MT4/ Trading view as platforms for FX. Are these still reliable for crypto’s? My current broker is BDSwiss, anyone have any experience trading crypto’s with them and their spreads, reliability? Any help is appreciated, thanks.


  • It's a great idea to expand and buy crypto. However, it would be best to be attentive to the brokers you work with. I haven't heard of the one mentioned by you, but you should be aware of that. On top, if you decide to work with an online company, it's essential to read their reviews and their success for the past few months. The internet is full of scams, and some people are still innocent and believe everyone has pure intentions. I work with asktraders, and I can guarantee they are amazing, but it's your decision.
  • Is it worth investing in crypto this year?
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    Investing in cryptocurrencies is quite dangerous, but the greater the risk, you can earn more money. Right now, bitcoin is worth almost 30 thousand dollars, though recently, it was worth more than 70 thousand dollars. Because of the crisis, the crypto market has fallen in price. Due to this, the number of people buying crypto increases. It seems to me that this is the best time to launch my own cryptocurrency. I plan to release my crypto by the end of June via . I plan to spend a lot of money on promotions to make my crypto popular.
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    I think trading is riskier and less profitable than investing in cryptocurrencies. Getting money from trading is as difficult as winning the lottery, while investing is more reliable. However, popular and reliable cryptocurrencies require large starting amounts, so not everyone takes that risk. I've started to form platforms that require small funds or even offer you virtual money more at The idea is that you try investing for free, see how it works, and even if you lose something, the money is virtual. It helped me build a strategy, and I'm making real money on stocks.
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