Anyone know a plumber another toilet thread HELP!!!

Not MH related but I have another toilet thread
My loo keeps running only very little bit in runs into the bowl for ages then all on it's own tops up the sistern (systern ?) I have taken these apart before but for the life of me I cannot remember how to open it to adjust it.
I am attaching 2 pics and any advice will be very helpful (not a sledge hammer)


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    Any leak in a plumbing device or in-house communications is associated with financial losses, so it needs to be solved immediately. If the toilet is leaking after flushing or the sound of a bubbling stream periodically comes from the toilet, it's time to check the tank's condition. Sometimes, the leaks lie in the dirt that has accumulated at the bottom of the water tank. In this case, it is sufficient to apply a thorough cleaning of the inner surfaces of the tank. If this does not help, it is unlikely that you will fix the breakdown yourself since you need a specialist .
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