How to restore deleted yahoo mail

If you have deleted a large number of emails, the best option is to use the Trash folder. Then, you can view these emails to determine if you can restore them. Alternatively, you can run a deeper scan and choose the deleted emails you want to recover. Then, you can use the restored email to send it to others. After completing the recovery process, you can then delete the Trash folder and restore the lost email.

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  • Select the Trash folder in Yahoo Mail. You'll see it in the navigation pane at the left of the Yahoo email screen. Click the check box next to each email you want to recover.
    Click Restore to Inbox. The selected email will now show in your Inbox.
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    The easiest way to retrieve deleted emails from Yahoo is by quickly going to the Trash folder and undeleting them. simcity If the email is lost or not in your Trash folder, you can submit a request to Yahoo to restore your account so you can recover those messages.
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