Here today... gone tomorrow

What is the most important aspect of life, bar none? What does everything hinge upon?

I can think of nothing more crucial that self-integrity. It is the foundation upon which qualities such as patience, compassion and love rest. But, self-integrity is abstract. What is it really?

Knowing myself, being content and grounded - not losing my station - all correlate with integrity. Of these, knowing myself is fundamental. Without this knowing, my integrity is always influenced by [chref=51]circumstances[/chref], and thus precarious and tenuous at best.

What is self-knowing, really? What assists or hinders it?

I can't imagine any knowing, let alone self-knowing, without honesty. If I'm deceptive, others can't know me, and if I'm self-deceptive, I can never know myself. Thus, self-honesty is the foundation upon which self-knowing rests.

What is self-honesty, really? What assists or hinders it?

What hinders it is easy: my survival instincts of fear and need as they play out in my mind (i.e. thought induced insecurity and needs - 'my agenda'). What assists me in becoming more honest? Simply realizing there is no other path to contentment. Only through self-honesty can I truly live out my days. The deeper I realize this, the more I'll face my fears and suspend my needs.

Thus, my life is a dynamic quest for self-integrity. My brains ability to leave this eternal moment and create an dream world of 'make believe' fosters self-deception. My brains ability to notice that I'm doing this is my only way to overcome myself and 'wake up'.


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    So, What are the chances of misunderstanding each other here?... Excellent I hope!

    Why would I hope for such a thing?
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    'Cause in hoping for it, you are not hoping for it.

    But the more missunderstandings the better. More missunderstandings means more posts!

    This is lame :D
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    :idea: misunderstandings and understanding are two sides of the yin-yang coin, so with one we'll get the other... yes? ...
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    What we understand, like, already know and believe, we dont think about enuf; these things don't change us enuf. Only that which causes us pain, disagreement, grief... helps us grow. Or at least helps us grow more or in different, often better ways.
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    Yep :!:
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    'Happiness is beneficial to the heart, but it is grief which develops the mind' or something like that...
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