it's enough already

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Thank you Ron for that bit of legal research above :!:
[cite] Ron Cotnam:[/cite]
No contract would have a clause that would allow one party to violate State Law.

That is what we think too. Frankly though, it?s hard to get worked up about this situation when I find this whole experience priceless and would not change a thing... even though I feel the TV producers should get informed consent from future families. We just did this thing as an adventure. It's turned out to provide more ?adventure? than expected... well actually, we didn't know what to expect. That's what makes something an adventure, eh?

We would only resort to litigation if they tried to silence us. Our society has become so litigatious, I?d not like to add to that! What?s more, our crusade is to help people, especially families with young children, play music together. That?s more than enough to chew on.


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    OK Buddy, it's enough. Has this become your own personal website? You have started so many threads, many of them pointless. Has anyone else noticed that certain people who actually own this website have stopped posting any messages at all?????
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    Why are you so bothered by my posts? And who are you to call them pointless? Obviously not a Taoist.
    The Abbotts have thanked me for my postings, and said my interest in this site means alot to them. Case closed.
    And they're posting just as much as they ever have.
    Please don't be hateful or ignorant, or if this is just how you are, take it elsewhere. We don't need trolls here.
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    I am neither hateful nor ignorant. Just a wee bit tired of reading about your favorite books, foods, jokes, pasttimes, music....nearly one third of all postings now are yours. Granted, you have some very good stuff to say. But if you look at a record of the recent postings, nearly all of them are yours. You even reply to your own postings. I'm not suggesting that you stop putting out good ideas...just suggesting that the number of threads that have little to do with what I thought this website was about seems to be increasing exponentially.
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    Then contribute more and make this site what you want it to be. Dont make 3 posts and start dictating what this site should consist of. What a shame that you have nothing better to contribute than complaints about as an enthusiastic a supporter such as myself.
    If the Abbotts are unhappy with my contributions, they'll tell me.
    You're welcome to your opinion, but only theirs counts on here per the content. All 4 at various times have expressed their appreciation of my posting. If that changes, I'll leave.
    I have explained why I post what I do, but I'll repeat it for your benefit: many will come on here intimidated by the Taoist idea. Finding a few frriendly threads will help ease them into the deeper sites, which I've also posted on a considerable amount. Outside of that, I feel no need to explain or defend my time on here.
    If what I have to say displeases you, there's nothing I can do about that. Quit reading. Go away. Or learn to live with it. I wish you peace.
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    Buddy, I'm glad you're here. I admire your honesty and fearlessness in posting what you want to post, and I know the Abbotts are happy you are here. They told me about you and suggested I try the message board just because of you.
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    Thank you Lynn.
    Unfortunately Carl has asked me to scale back as well, as my presence is apparently causing Joanne to be uncomfortable here...thats a very taoist approach, actually, less is more, by posting so much I was hurting the integrity of these boards or however you want to see it...what a shame that a bully can come on and destroy something you, I, and so many others were enjoying, and put him in the unenviable position of pushing me out...

    I'll be around, but not very much...At least this time I wasnt accussed of being an internet porn star or kidnapper, as with the last member who disliked my posts...I've gone thru alot with and for these boards in so short a time...My time here was well spent and enjoyable. I thank everyone who blessed me with their kindnesses and support. You truly are the way and light of the world.

    I'd only ask everyone to be realistic. There's 4 billion websites around. If you dont like what you find on this one, find another. Don't chase away those on here who are using it for the benefit of all and not just for purely selfish reasons. I hope Joanne doesnt shut her children down if they ever voice something she disagrees with. Such a mindset makes for a lonely existance. And that a 'clean joke thread' should be the one that pushed her over the edge is rather funny in itself...
    Your friend Robert (Buddy 1)
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    I am truly sorry that Buddy feels it was my doing that he was asked to cut back on his posts. I believed that voicing one's opinion was OK to do on this website, and I tried to voice it politely. Being called hateful, ignorant, and a bully by him hurt me deeply. I am none of those things - in fact, I am usually the person who bites my tongue and doesn't say a word even if I feel strongly about something which may go against another person's beliefs. For him to suggest that my children might suffer if they ever speak against me is just about as off the mark as believing that Carl brainwashed his sons after watching TS. I am the mom who my kids' friends want to talk to because I know how to listen. It is not right to make assumptions about my parenting style based on a few words I wrote on this website.

    Finally, I find it hard to believe that Carl would have asked Buddy to stop writing simply because it was bothering me. I am one very small voice. I have no special "in" with the Abbotts, I am not a major contributor to this website. I'm just one person who voiced her opinion. I'm sorry if it caused anyone to have hard feelings.
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    The brief exchange between Buddy1, Joanne and myself, last week was interesting. While the details are unimportant, the dynamics reveal an ironic side to what we all seek. Isn't it curious how on one hand we seek brotherhood, yet end up, more often than we would like, divided? :(

    We began the 'brick and mortar' side of this Taoist church over 20 years ago. At the time, I suspected that the more anchored in Taoist thought we would be, the more likely our failure. Why? Politics (a polite word for tribal instinct). Organized religion is the political arm of a deeply and universally felt reverence of the way. The problem, as I saw it, was how can I share this [chref=51]reverence [/chref] with others without politics overtaking things? At least Taoism was less adaptive to politics than other theologies and philosophies, i.e., it is hard to raise a political head of steam considering that opening Taoist disclaimer: [chref=1]The way that can be spoken of, Is not the constant way; The name that can be named, Is not the constant name. [/chref]

    In a community as small as Santa Cruz, there are fewer folks seeking politics-free connection. Does the internet offer folks world wide, tired of [chref=8]contending[/chref], and yearning for the peaceful [chref=61]lower position[/chref], a way to connect? Here to, failure may mean success, and we'll all be left to return to our [chref=16]separate roots[/chref]. It is a curious adventure for this dumb old Taoist. :?
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    This site is no longer fun without Buddy.[/img]
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    I'm still not ready to return to full time posting, but I check in here ocassionally, and I had to laugh when I saw the above post from 'guest'.

    My first thought was "They're going to think that's from me".
    I assure you it wasn't.

    I appreciate the support, 'guest', even anonymously. I don't care if anyone believes me or not-it's dated at the right time of night for my posting and all...and I certainly agree with the sentiment (especially with Tao Nut also cutting back on his posting).
    I would, however, suggest to our friend Joanne that she read the 3rd paragraph of Joe's 1/8 post on chapter 51...strikes me as something she needs to see...
    and thats all I have to say about that for right now...
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    Hello everyone. This is my first post, and I'm glad to be joining you all. :D

    I do not claim to be intimately familiar with the details regarding this matter, but I found the recent conflict between Joanne and Buddy thought-provoking. This forum, as the rest on the website, is a public, open forum, accessible to anyone who wishes to peruse the opinions of others or voice their own. I feel that Joanne was correct in her assessment that she had the right to voice her opinion here, and was certainly responsible in excercising that right by doing so politely; however, I feel that it is important to recognize that one's freedom to express themselves through public forums such as this one is a double-bladed sword- one must recognize that every other individual shares this freedom and it should not be infringed upon any more than one would have his or her own opinions silenced. Furthermore, in understanding the context of many of the posts on this board, one must recognize that this particular forum is intended for casual, relaxed conversation that diverts from topics related to Taoism (please, I invite corrections if I am wrong; I am clearly neither an administrator nor an Abbott). Admittedly, I fail to understand Joanne's reasoning, for the most part, concerning Buddy's posting habits. If I am not mistaken, his posts (neither in quantity nor subject matter) never interfered with her ability to express her opinion on any matter nor did they demonstrate any reasonably offensive qualities for which Joanne could pose a warranted complaint. I have found that although Buddy's posts generally discuss casual (which, I suppose could seem "useless" in terms of the purpose of this website, but not in terms of the purpose of this particular board) subject matter, he has discussed them in a welcoming, amiable manner and has taken care, on many occasions, not to offend or cause discomfort for other users. I find sensitivity and friendliness to be something upon which we can all agree; however, in regard to Buddy's admittedly different posting times, quantity, etc. I imagine this conflict would not occur so long as we try to keep tolerance at the forefront of our interactions with others. Simply because one would not choose another's actions for his or herself does not necessarily create a cause for objection. One of the liberties of membership to this forum is the ability to post as frequently as one may see fit. Appreciate your own liberty to do so, and respect that of others. Now, in regard to the Abbotts' having "quit posting" as much as they "used to", I cannot help that think that perhaps, as administrators of this Taoist organization, they may be *slightly* more concerned with the boards exclusively concerning Taoism (this is not one of them) and I know that they post regularly there (not that I know any of them personally, or anything.... :wink: *Ahem*). But, Carl asking Buddy to scale back is another thing, and I feel that he is perhaps one of the best authorities as to the ongoings of this website, and as to what is permitted and what is not.

    It is not my place to "argue" with either Buddy or Joanne concerning this matter, please do not take my comments as such.

    And, for all the rest of you non-administrators and non-Abbotts out there, I think that you should consider that even though we may be "registered," we are *all* guests here, and should try to behave accordingly... :D

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    Aren't trinity and Carl nice? they're like gentle flowing, i'm more of a tsunami...
    I'm still upset about this, how I was pushed away, discouraged from posting. nevr seen a website that doesnt want regular posting... So many threads here I'd like to respond to, but don't feel comfortable doing so, for fear of 'offending' again or 'dominating' the boards. So i'll just stick to this one, where my blood was the first drawn, this thread which has caused me sleepless nights& bad dreams, which caused me to put away the Taoist books I was immersed in, to question myself, feel bad about something which I realize now I shouldn't have felt bad about at all...
    Yes, everyone has a right to their opinion, and everyone has a right to keep that opinion to themselves. I believe Joanne is a great parent and a nice person, she's told us in nearly every post she's made-wonder of she's trying to convince us or herself? I dont think her original post was appropriate or neccessary at all. I notice she hasn't posted lately-perhaps she's decided to work double shifts at the Shotz brewery or whatever she does, instead of making pointless threads to point out pointless threads, which in my mind was a pretty pointless thing to e mail or a general note to all, not just me, would've worked better and been easier to swallow-I hope she doesnt go after the 'Luke has a gf' thread next...that one seems pretty pointless, but since I have nothing to do with it, maybe she'll let it slide.
    As for her apologies, well, I work with criminals, and they apologize constantly, after doing something they know they shouldn't have. They're seeking 'instant forgiveness' so they can avoid ownership and responsibility. I'm sorry means "I'm sorry I didn't get away with it', 'I'm sorry I didn't get what I wanted', 'Im sorry I got caught'...
    Now I'm sorry I opened myself up to friendship and the idea that a toaist board would be a friendly welcoming place. I'm sorry I've allowed it to dominate my life these last few weeks. I'm sorry I can't fully share what gifts I think I have with y'all, or come on anymore to enjoy those gifts y'all have to share.
    And I'm sorry I couldn't'take the low road' and just let this thread die without these last comments, but I'm only human, and where theres humans, there's pain, pain to be felt and to be caused. I know this. I just forgot for a while when I found this site.
    I've since remembered this again, and won't soon forget.
    peace and love Buddy
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    Welcome back. I've missed you, and I'm sure others have too. I know nothing about Toaism. I am a female, liberal, Baby Boomer, Democrat, Protestant. I became curious about the Abbotts, after watching the show, and found this site.

    You are the spice of this site Buddy. You bring it personality. You bring it Life. You bring a smile on my face with your wit and humor.

    Please continue to speak your mind and post your thoughts Buddy. That's the beauty of Internet. It's not an issue of high road/low's the information highway for goodness sake! We Baby Boomers don't like censorship, not to mention dictatorship! I want to hear what Buddy has to say.
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    Thank Michi, kind words mean alot. I've decided to come back on, easier than finding a new forum, and there's going to be dissent wherever I go, so might as well stay here. If anyone feels I'm dominating the boards, well, too bad. They shouldn't put themselves in the position of being dominated by anyone at any time in their life.
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    A good friend is traveling to Milwaukee next week to visit her best friend. Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out to be Joanne? I've had stranger things happen. But it's unlikely. My friends a scientist and very brilliant. But she still likes me...
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    I go to Milwaukee several times a year---my sister lives there. Now what are the possibilities of Buddy's friend's friend and my sister...Nah that's just too weird.

    But no more weird than all the stuff Joanne and I have in common!

    #10 I'll be going to Milwaukee this weekend!

    #9 Michigan and Wisconsin share two Great Lakes (Superior and Michigan). Joanne and I both live near Lake Michigan!

    #8 She's a Cheesehead (Packers' Fan) and I like cheese, have green eyes, and like Brett Favre!

    #7 Her State has the Wisconsin Dells, I had an Aunt Dell!

    #6 Wisconsin and Michigan are both Dairy I milking this too much?

    #5 Men named La Follette were once Governors of Wisconsin, and the computer program/database I use at work is called Follett!

    #4 Her state has a Lake Winnebago, and I own a Winnebago RV!

    #3 Wisconsin and Michigan are both "swing" states politically, plus I like Big Band music, and my son plays the trombone in a Jazz Band!

    #2 Her state has a city named Oshgosh, and while I don't have any jeans with that label, I do say "Oh my Gosh" a lot!

    #1 And the number one thing Joanne and I have in common is we both know Buddy! (well.. kind of, sort of)
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    The above gets my post of the week award. Your prize is getting to read this post. Enjoy.

    and I detest cheeseheads and all things Packer-related. Go Vikings!
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