Recommendations for cleansers and moisturizers?

Recommendations for cleansers and moisturizers?
I'm 23 and have had rosacea for about 7 years, but I only recently was officially diagnosed. I always knew I had to be careful with my skin, but now I am actively trying to repair/minimize damage. The problem is there are so many sensitive skin and rosacea products out there that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

So, my question is, what cleansers and moisturizers work for you? I've used Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin line for a few years, but I'm anxious to hear if anyone else has experience with it and whether it is actually pretty safe to use. I have also recently discovered the First Aid Beauty skin care line and purchased the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer (which really helped with redness and dryness at first) and the Skin Rescue Daily Face Cream (which has minimal ingredients but might be causing extra redness).

I hear a lot about Cerave and Cetaphil but I'm wary of these two brands since the cetaphil cleanser has sodium lauryl sulfate in it and since the cerave spf 50 facial sunscreen gave me a flare up.

What do you guys think? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi! I also have very sensitive skin and this was a huge problem when I was a teenager. I realized that I wasn't the only one with a similar problem. And decided to become a cosmetologist. I will not advise you any specific cosmetic products. But I recommend choosing cosmetics from natural ingredients without preservatives. I recently took a class course in aesthetic medicine and learned that people suffering from rosacea have a very strong reaction to any chemicals. Therefore, use natural cosmetics or even fresh vegetables and fruits for skin care.
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