Brahman child for adoption

We are of Sri Vaishava subsect and are from Hyderabad. We are married for 8 years. I had 3 miscarriages in these 8 years and due to some other problems we decided to adopt a child. We want to adopt only a Brahman child. Please let us know if there is any child below 3 years of age for adoption.

Contact: 9701651110 (Sridhar Goverdhanam).

Swathi Sridhar


  • Hello. Are you sure that you are ready for such a serious step as the establishment of guardianship or adoption of a child? Still, this is not an easy decision. And perhaps your problems with the birth of your own child can be solved with medical help. But if you are firmly convinced of your intentions, I would recommend that you contact local fostering agencies There you will be consulted on all issues of interest. Including the question of the child's belonging to any caste. The main thing is that your desire to love an adopted child should be as sincere as to love a child born to you.
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