How to Recover A Suspended/Disabled Facebook Account?

If you have lost access to your Facebook account due to being banned or suspended, you need to learn how to recover a suspended/disabled Facebook account. In many cases, you will need to reactivate your account so you can be seen by your friends again. If you've been permanently disabled, you will need to set up a new one. You can try to get help from different forums or friends who have recovered their accounts in the past and also you can read our article here you will definitely find the correct method.

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  • How can I get banned on facebook in general? I've been using Facebook for about 6 years now and I've never seen someone blocked.
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    If you lost access to your account due to a ban, you should wait for some time till Instagram or Facebook unlock your account. It also depends on the reason for your ban. Your account could be suspended permanently if they have a reason for it. If you want to understand better how Instagram and other social platforms work, visit . Also, here you can find how to space out Instagram captions or add ten thousand followers to your profile in less than one week.
  • How do I reactivate my disabled Facebook account?
    From your main profile, click or your profile picture at the top right of Facebook.
    Select Settings & privacy, then click Settings.
    Click Your Facebook Information.
    Click Reactivation, then next to the Page you want to reactivate, click Reactivate.

  • Are you able to sign in to Facebook even now?
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