How Do I Develop a Training Programme?

Hi all. I've been doing a weekly boxing session with a coach and working out at home for a while.
I want to know how can I get the most out of my training sessions?

My boxing trainer is great at boxing but I'd trying to develop some kind of training method that's more focused on the science of learning that will help me see improvements in the shortest period of time and allow me to get the most out of my sessions with the coach.

Some questions I'd like to answer are

How we should set goals at a high level?
How we should pick what to work on in a given session?
When we should be doing drills?
When we should introduce new drills?
When we should do free sparring and how often i should spar other people?
Should we make a structure and work on it every week - is repetition the most effective way to improve?
How often should we change the schedule and work on other things?

Thanks for any input!
My 1-1 sessions are around 90 minutes.


  • The right person to respond to all your questions is a personal trainer. There are multiple ways to create a routine and better habits. For the past three months, I've been working with Lucas James is a professional trainer, and he gives a lot of training plans and nutrition tips. You can give it a try and see maybe it can be helpful. Of course, everything is better when is done offline. But, with all the examples in front of you, you can see insane results. At least, this worked perfectly for me.
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