Greyman Techwea

First, to begin this post, I want to apologize for its wordiness; but I felt that I should lay out my premise before I introduce my topic. So here goes—

What is a "grey man"? Answer--a "grey man" is an individual who possesses the skills, ability, and intent to blend into any situation or surrounding without standing out, concealing his or her actual skills, ability, and purpose from others. The term "grey man or greyman" is currently used by survivalists who believe that dressing and acting "grey" will improve their chances if :censored: hits the fan :)censored:).

Promoters of grey man style believe that overt tactical gear and dress is a "shoot-me-first" signal, and instead prefer multi-modal equipment and outfits that will help them avoid attention if or until it's time to use force. For example, a grey man wouldn't carry a "bug out bag" such as the 5.11 Tactical Rush model, because such bags include noticeable military features like MOLLE panels, hydration bladders, and camouflage. The grey man prefers to carry his weapons and supplies in a dorky messenger bag like the Vertex EDC Satchel, designed to "blend into everyday life" while still holding ballistic inserts and allowing for rapid firearm draws.

Now for another question…What is "techwear"? Answer--techwear is a new and increasingly popular name in the avant-garde fashion industry. Put simply, it's clothing that serves a purpose over and above simply covering your body. This includes heat insulation, breathability, water-resistance, and additional accessory storage. Much of current techwear fashion results in the antithesis of the "greyman." Think of the "technija" appearance of the "Acronym" brand.

Now I come to this post's topic. For those of you who have considered this issue—what clothing brands can you recommend that check both the box of being "techwear" and of being "greyman."

Remember, although a pair of jeans may meet the "greyman" box, they don't meet the "techwear" box. Likewise, a pair of Crye Precision G3 field pants certainly meet the "techwear" box (I love mine although they are expensive as hell); they definitely don't check the "greyman" box.

Brands that I can think of that seem to fit the bill are Arc'teryx Veilance and Cloudburst, as well as Descente and Nanamica. These are expensive brands, and their expense, or at least their expensive look, may break our “greyman” criteria. Can you provide any other suggestions???


  • I really liked how you defined greyman. I was always the type to seek adventures, find solutions to difficult problems and be slick about it. When I was first introduced to techwear, I immediately fell in love with it. I have been wearing techwear from for a decade now. After feeling the comfort and commodities that techwear brings, I don't understand why other clothes don't have that. I love the multitude of pockets and the magnetic feel that these clothes have. I would not trade techwear for any other type of clothes that exist in the world.
  • I don't see why other clothes don't have the surviv io comfort and convenience that techwear offers now that I've experienced them. I adore how many pockets these clothing have and how magnetic they feel. I wouldn't trade my techclothes for any other kind of clothing that exists.
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