Official crypto exchange service

We should have a option to exchange our coin balances from 1 to another just incase we want to withdraw smaller amount btc transaction fees will kill it.

so if stake could provide exchange coin option that could be awesome.

there is 3rd party trying to fill that void and customers are interested but trust issue comes in so if demand is there, stake coulc really make this happen.

what do you guys think?

For example

Btc to xrp for withdrawal

xrp to btc in stake so that our winnings are in btc .


  • This idea is good, but I don't think that they will implement it. You can use some other platforms for this operation. You can send you coins to another platform, by using the address of the wallet, and then just exchange them to other coins. I am using for this task, and it works just perfect. This is a good withdraw method, and it's largely used by many crypto investors, and I think that everyone will do so in the near future.
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  • The best way to cash out cryptocurrency is to pay for your purchases with it. Solutions already exist for this. The Owlab has developed a system called Crypto Payments ( It's a payment gateway that lets users pay for products and services using cryptocurrencies just as simple as a traditional payment method. It is risk-free, secure and can be easily integrated into any website or mobile application.
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