2021 Taxe d'Habitation for non-resident question

Someone I know has US and EU citizenship so she doesn't need a visa or a CDS. She has rented an apartment with a full three-year-unfurnished lease and intends to stay slightly less than 183 days in France and the rest of the time in her home in the US.

I'm thinking of next year's (2021) taxe d'habitation. In order to get the bill for it, as I understand things, you have to file a French income tax return. Is this true? Does she have to file a French tax return (with all the BS that implies, even if no taxes have to be paid to France) or is there another way to get the required "tax number"?


  • This is lame, authorities are using this law to make profit on those with double citizenship. In her place, I would talk to a lawyer, because in this way, she will spend most of her salary just for paying taxes to 2 countries. I am not sure exactly, which the exact article that makes her to pay al these taxes, but reading this gig economy case study will definitely be useful, in order to get a clear vision about how this system is working.
  • Property tax is a tax on land, buildings, structures, residential and non-residential premises, isolated water bodies, and forests. In fact, such injustice with taxes is widespread, and it is everywhere. There are more than 130 countries in the world. But these are the laws, and I think it is better to comply with them. After all, we also have taxes deducted from our salaries, which can be calculated automatically. And these taxes don't just go to someone for personal expenses. These taxes are used to build an account, which we will use to live on in our old age.
  • I have a question not related to your topic. And how did your friend obtain citizenship in America and the European Union simultaneously? I would like that too.
  • Your friend needs to understand that income tax is the main form of direct taxes. It is calculated as a percentage of the total income of individuals or legal entities, minus documented expenses, following applicable law. Therefore, she needs to find out directly from lawyers or financial consultants how she can best manage the entire payment. She may also need a paystub creator to collect all the receipts she paid for tax purposes. She should also find out if she paid tax on renting an apartment if she has American citizenship. How did your friend's story end?
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