Pet Insurance Recommendations

We have been blessed with a new Maltese puppy and are looking into pet insurance. I checked other posts on this forum and all those I found were dated. Since the industry changes so much I thought I would ask for your suggestions. Is the cost worth the benefits? What company have you liked the best? Who should we avoid? Do they pay claims as promised or have there been surprises about what they won’t pay? What questions should we ask before writing the check? Thank you in advance for any info you can share.


  • You can see the most common disease of the race that you have, and then decide which insurance company will fit you the most. This is how I am doing all the time. I have 2 dogs and a kitty, and for dogs I am using one company, and for the kitty another. I am not gonna say which one to choose, but you can see in this review which are the best companies and what advantages do they offer, and based on this, you can make your choice.
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