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Buddy: lol.

This is JustAMuse. I also post on the board at Fox since last week, bc I liked trading spouses. But I was NOT prepared for what I found there. Crazy people!!! Crazy, mean, cruel, and totally .... I cannot even think of a word. I just stay posting there bc there are some people I like chatting with.
I tried posting on the thread of the subject you just mentioned, and fox deleted it three times! I didn't say anything offensive, in fact, I overlooked people yelling at me and stuff. But because I was trying to get people to calm down, they erased me. Guess it wouldn't be good for ratings.


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    You know, there seems to be a lot of talk about Trading Spouses. I think there should be a Survivor Vanuatu thread! I'll start it out.

    Yay for Twila who won the game in the end! Great work! :wink:

    As for Jeff Pribbles (I call him Jeff Pribbles 'cause it's easier to say the probst), I must say that the hacking through the thick jungle at the end seemed corny. I thought they would show him hacking down the last frawn and winding up in central park than running to the reunion. I didn't know that he was going to CBS studios in LA.

    Jeff should take part in the challenges as well for a little team encouragment.
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    OK Kyle,

    As you know, I'm a big Survivor fan. Once Chris won immunity I pretty much could predict the final 2. He would have been crazy to force a tie by voting with Eliza. And once he was left with Twila or Scout he was pretty much assured of winning immunity. He could not under any circumstances take Scout to the final 2. He had his best chance with Twila and that was evident after the vote. I think this was the first vote that wasnt 4-3 (I'm sure you can correct me).

    Yes, Probst entrance gets cheesier every Survivor.

    I really had hoped that Probst was going to be one of the survivors in All-stars. I think that would have been great.

    By the way, did you hear that Rob and Amber are going to be a team on the next Amazing Race?
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    How Chris held the bow was a good way of holding it to conserve energy in the arms. I think Chris deserved to win because of the game changing moment. He spared us from a boring ending. He was a good lier too.

    On the other hand, I thought Twila should win 'cause I liked her upfront twila-is-twila attitude. She was herself (I'm pretty sure). Of course, most of the time, people who are themselves don't win Survivor. The liers exell. I mean take Brian on Survivor Tailand. . . The best lier on the show I think. He's a good car salesman too.

    I mean Jeff was there at all the challenges! Shouldn't he be able to participate?

    No way! Are you serious? Rob and Amber? Do they even have jobs? They seem to be making money on talk shows and now Amazing Race! I'll stay tuned for that! (even though I don't watch Amazing Race) I thought they would divorce right after the show.
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    re: Rob and Amber: I'm not sure if they are even married yet. I'm surprised that CBS doesn't have a show showing their wedding plans, etc....maybe that will come eventually :(

    I think Survivor would have the highest ratings ever if they announced Jeff was going to be a contestant rather than the host. I'm not sure if he would be ganged up on and sent packing the first episode, but I'm sure he has seen enough to know how to survive for awhile.

    And don't get me wrong, I wanted Twila to win too. Everyone says that Chris was a smart player but it was actually Twila that told him he should go after Eliza to vote out LeeAnn. Chris didn't think of that on his own so I question his smart gameplay.
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    Did you hear in the next Survivor they are starting with 20 contestants? I wonder if they'll knock a bunch off quickly or what.

    I didn't care for Chris' attitude that all women can't be trusted, but I guess in the context of himself against six of them it was true. :lol: His fiance said in the finale that he told her he got eliminated the night of the competition where she participated. He kept that secret all the way until the finale. I would be thinking twice about the wisdom of marrying someone who could lie to my face so easily and convincingly.

    Oh, and the scuttlebutt is that Jeff Probst is now dating Julie - you know, the one who sunbathed topless and all that? That one. :lol:
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    You guys actually watch this show? I've never seen a single episode.
    In fact outside of the last 3 episodes of 'Trading Truth for Ratings', er, I mean 'Trading Spouses', my reality show history is as follows; "1900 House, Frontier House & 1940's House"-all on PBS and pretty good. and 'Mad Mad House' on Sci Fi (boring)-thats it...
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    I watched the first Mad Mad House and liked it.I didn't know there was more.

    Survivor was the only thing that made Thursdays exciting.
    I also watch Big Brother.
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    in all honesty, i think twila would have won if she was just up front about herself and her lies WITHOUT attacking the jury members lol. if she could have kept from being quite as rude with her honesty she would have been OK
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    I've heard a few things. I heard about the 20 survivors (from Jeff himself).
    Jeff also said that the suvivor game will change within the first 10 minutes. So, I am wondering what they could do?

    Heres an idea:

    All 20 survivors live on 1 island together. There are no tribes. Every immunity challenge would be individual. The top 10 finishers get immunity while all of the remaining 10 go to Tribal Council to vote out, say 2 people. Then next show its the top 9 that get immunity. Then the top 8. etc etc until they are down to, say, 12 survivors. Then they could just eliminate one per show as they do now. I think this would really get rid of the alliances and plans because you could never guarantee someone protection because it could be different people each time up for elimination. It also would get rid of the current trend of getting rid of the strongest players, because the strongest players would win the immunities each episode (at least for awhile)

    Any other ideas of how they can make next season more unpredictable?
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    I wanted Twila to win too.
    I didn't really enjoy this season very much. I think they need to do something new.
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    In the beginning of the game, they should've left a few strong people instead of voting 'em all out. of course, the problem with that is they might've fooled the older alliance into voting each other out. That almost happened. Sarge was wanting to vote out Rory and I believe Chris got them back on track again.

    I didn't see too much of the FBI agent on the show. Maybe because he got voted out early. :wink: .

    Yeah, this season was dragging (until the Chris got a chance of pushing ahead). I believe Mark Burnett admited that himself. Of course, next season is gonna be something different. 20 survivors! Each tribe allowed two bowls of rice, one sausage link or pattie and a chainsaw. After every challenge, Jeff gives the tribe encouragment and pep talk while drinking the sponsered beverage.
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    The problem is that players are now familiar with the game. In the first Survivor, no one knew that there would be a merge so there was no need to vote out the strongest players first. Now that all the players know there will be a merge, it makes financial sense to boot them the first chance they get.

    I really hope that the changes they make will change the game. I don't mind the strong players being voted out first if they deserve it, but not just because they are strongest.

    I think my suggestion above would leave the best players until the end. You won't find too many Scouts or Jans in the final 9 (i.e. players only kept around because they are not immunity threats)
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    In the young peoples eyes, that would be the thing to do but my suggestion was in the eyes of what Sarge, Chris, Bubba, etc should've done.

    Yeah. When people know what's been going on in the past survivors, things can get soooo predictable. . . well, maybe not soooo, but pretty predictable.

    Of course not voting out 'cause they're strong but people who are threats.

    What this show lacked was a villan. Johnny Fairplay, Boston Rob and Rob (the guy who smiles a lot in Amazon) really spiced up the shows.
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    Rob Cesterino was so fun to watch (Amazon). He had a great turn of phrase and always said something clever and funny to the camera. He had all those people fooled and got pretty far on his wit and dorkiness. :lol:

    It's too bad about all-stars - everyone knew what he was capable of, and he never had a chance. I didn't like the all-stars version too much.

    I was intrigued by the preview for Palau, they showed old tanks and bunkers left from Allied forces. Will it just be for show, or will they be allowed to take shelter in a bunker, for example?
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    For a family that doesn't own a TV, this is an awfully weird post to have on our web site. :wink:

    P.S. - I was disappointed too when Rob C. got the boot so early.
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    Bwahahahaha! Touche. :lol:

    I assume you suck it out of the cosmos or something. :yy: Actually, I was just looking for an excuse to use that smilie. It's adorable. :yy:

    I expected a lot more from the guy who had been in the CIA, but he got eliminated so early. I love the idea of individual immunity instead of tribes to start out.

    I'm a moderator on a reality tv website - why am I here talking about Survivor?
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    Becasue you cant resist the powerful pull of taoism-and as i've said before Carl has all of us 'brainwashed & hypnotized''d take more than that to get me to watch survivor, btw...
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    considering that you know the history of every Survivor plus, it seems, every Letterman skit, I think you guys are doing real well without a TV :mrgreen:
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    Don't forget, we share a photographic memory of nearly every episode of Spongebob...
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    I was unaware of your affection for SpongeBob
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    Also, Don't forget that I know every line from Fawlty Towers.

    And also, I don't think that guy was from the CIA. I think he was from the FBI 'cause FBI isn't as secretive (if I'm using the right word) as CIA.

    At the end of the Reunion show when they showed the previews, I saw a battleship (or some kind of ship) partially emerged from the ocean. Maybe one tribe will set up camp there. Of course the problem with that is that there isn't really much food on the ship.

    Somehow, I think if they take refuge in tanks and wrecked vehicles, they would't need to make a shelter. But maybe viewers think the shelter building is getting old so they are trying something new.
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    I'm trying to figure out how they can incorporate the whole war/army idea into survivor...
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    Maybe this season will involve guns. They did that a bit in Pearl Islands I think.
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    Yes, with guns we could eliminate a few Survivors really fast and then we won't have to wonder when the double elimination eposides will happen :?
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    [cite] Tao Nut:[/cite]And also, I don't think that guy was from the CIA. I think he was from the FBI 'cause FBI isn't as secretive (if I'm using the right word) as CIA.

    You're right - it's one of the current racers on The Amazing Race who was in the CIA. :lol:
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    Really? I thought the CIA didn't want to expose thier agents. I'm not sure though.
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    The CIA agent in the Amazing Race has been retired for awhile now. Currently he is a stunt pilot.
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    Oh. That explains it.
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    sounds like my life story...

    they should have it in some country that still has old land minds in the ground...

    so i read today that Jeff's boofing one of the ex cast members-how long before she's booted off his island...
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    what did you think about Episode 1?
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