NORI and Housing Loan

Hi All,

I am citizen of India working in US on J1 Visa, I wanted to apply for J1 waiver (NORI certificate).

However, I have housing loan from HDFC bank. I am not sure how to apply NORI in this situation.

Does anyone had gone through this situation?

What all supporting documents are required to apply NORI if someone has housing loan?



  • Do you have the option to repay the loan early? It seems to me that in your situation it`d be better to close your bile loan first, and then apply for a waiver. It`s unlikely that your candidacy in this case will be considered at all. I once had an outstanding loan, as a result I wasn`t able to make a major purchase, which I needed at that time. Since then I realized that conventional bank loans can not only help, but also set me up, cause no one can say with certainty what will change or be needed in the future. Another option is, in some situations it helps. I have used the service twice, and unlike regular banks they don't impose a number of conditions.
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    The desire of the bank employee to give you a loan is not less than your desire to take it because his income depends on it. So be more self-confident when you visit the bank. Excellent work phrases: "I'll compare your proposal with others and make the most advantageous decision for themselves," "I heard that in the bank XXX now is the action and have special conditions on loans, I'll go back there and specify the details" etc. When I did Mortgage Advice Doncaster , the expert advised me to ask more questions about the loan terms: interest rate, fees, early repayment option and fees, payment methods. Create the impression of a knowledgeable customer so that the bank employee has no desire to sell you an expensive loan.
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    Usually, people take loans when they're in debt and don't know how to afford things. I mean, you can take a loan whenever you want if you have a good credit score, but why would you do that? It is totally possible to avoid loans on any income as long as you make enough to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Many people fall into the trap of buying things that they can't afford with credit cards, this is a huge mistake. These days I'm going to apply for a loan I found on, because I can't afford to repair my houses' warming system.
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