minecraft server

server ip is

playing on 1.14.3


  • The prison is a great concept. The players become prisoners, and the admins are the guards, who have special privileges. The guards can build secure cells out of bricks and iron bars and set up traps to catch escaping prisoners. The prison concept is so popular that there are lots of different servers with different settings. You can find on https://www.servers-minecraft.org/minecraft-servers-prison/ the best prison servers where you can play. I think you can try these modes to see if it fits you.
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    Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try it. I have started recently to play on new minecraft servers because playing on a Miencraft server will automatically enrich your experience and take it to new heights that are simply not possible in singleplayer. Plus, you will find a lot of mindblowing content and game modes supported by crazy mechanics, resource packs, plugins, and more. Besides this, they are the best to meet new people with who you already have something in common.
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