Sewer line

I am running a sewer line (4" pipe) for a commercial building running 190' under a parking lot to a septic tank.
Since the septic tank is only 18 or so below grade my pipe (the lot is on a slight grade) in some areas is only a few inches beneath the parking lot.
1. Should I use sch80 or DIP so that it doesn't get crushed, especially on hot days when the tar heats up and softens the plastic?
2. Will I have a freezing problem (especially if I use metal), and should I insulate the pipes (I'm afraid the insulation may make the parking lot crack.
Thank you


  • I am not an expert in sewerage installations and everything related to pipes, but I have worked in this field before, and I can say that the best thing would be for all the installations to be at a greater depth, from my own experience. If it is too close to the surface, as you said, it may heat up or melt from the heat or freeze in winter when temperatures are low. You can also install a drain camera to monitor. When I was working, I consulted with the specialists from to fail in this regard.
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