Do u guys register your lil creations
Do u buy insurance

Thx b/c my 6.5hp 212cc pusher is almost complete and I’m not sure if I should go through this legal bull sh*t....
I am gonna tip off the 212 sticker and replace with 49...
What da ya think insurance/registration yay or nay.
It’s a legal gray area as would it be registered as a trailer or a moped or assisted mobility device??? I know if I get it registered as assisted mobility it’s no license or reg. Required


  • I know that the whole legal part of insuring bicycles, motorcycles, or scooters can be pretty annoying. Even so, I advise you not to avoid it because you could encounter problems later. I know that if you insure a vehicle and it has been modified after this, the insurance may no longer work according to the pre-established terms. To avoid such unpleasant situations, I made a sunday personalized bicycle insurance in which I mentioned some personal conditions to be taken into account.
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