Free SlideShow Maker?

We'd like to put our children's photos into a slide show. Can you please recommend a good free slideshow maker that you have personally used? And one that doesn't put ads on your slides.

Thanks in advance.

Our system:
Open Office


  • Hey, there are a lot of slideshow makers on the internet; you have to find one that suits your needs. I recently made a video with pictures of my pets, three cats, and two dogs, and I wanted a template that would fit the theme with animals. The challenge was finding a free program because many websites say they are free, but they charge specific fees when you want to save the final project. I used, and I was satisfied with the quality and variety of templates.
  • What do you use Slideshow Maker for?
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    Quite often, I create presentations for various purposes. Sometimes I need them for the defense of my university papers. I also use them to develop business projects. I used to work with PowerPoint, but I wanted to try something new. One day, I found a service that creates a presentation of your slides and converts them into a single video. I need the slideshow to put all the slides together, put music on them, and set the timing for each slide. I decided to try slideshow maker and was surprised by the result. My presentations are much more creative and enjoyable to watch.
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