work boot recommendation

I have worn Red Wing work boots since I had my first job at a mechanics shop at the age of 14. I buy 3 or 4 pairs of boots a year and never wear a pair 2 days in a row. The boots I order are $219 bucks and the last 2 pair have been clunkers. Just not as comfortable as I am accustomed to. I work on concrete most of the time and walk alot, often carrying around 10 or 15 pounds. What are you guys doing for boots these days?


  • The leather upper and minute rubber/plastic parts of the boot make for a stiff and unforgiving footbed, and the arch support is not enough for my flat feet. Timberland boots look great and are very well made. Still, comfort and support don't even come close to comparing to any of my Rockrooster boots. I was shocked when I ordered my first pair of their shoes. I still use them, and they are in excellent condition. The most significant advantage is that they are very comfortable for work boots, which makes me feel more relaxed.
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