I took care of my mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s for 3 years. I wanted to keep her at home! Sh

Afterwards, I realized I was really good at making her comfortable and I went on to get my CNA LICENSES, WAS LICENSED FOR CPR., worked in an Assisted Living, Nursing Home and as private care sitter.
We moved to a rand in Carlsbad; NM and because of my work on the ranch my license expired.


  • Congratulations on following your dream and especially for discovering it when you took care of your mother. I think it was a reasonable practice period for you. My father is not in stable health, so I also had to provide him with home care for a year. It was pretty tricky for me to do this, and I thought an assistant would cost me too much. But then I discovered the cost of live-in care services that are pretty affordable for me, so I did not hesitate to request the help of specialists.
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