I took care of my mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s for 3 years. I wanted to keep her at home! Sh

Afterwards, I realized I was really good at making her comfortable and I went on to get my CNA LICENSES, WAS LICENSED FOR CPR., worked in an Assisted Living, Nursing Home and as private care sitter.
We moved to a rand in Carlsbad; NM and because of my work on the ranch my license expired.


  • Congratulations on following your dream and especially for discovering it when you took care of your mother. I think it was a reasonable practice period for you. My father is not in stable health, so I also had to provide him with home care for a year. It was pretty tricky for me to do this, and I thought an assistant would cost me too much. But then I discovered the cost of live-in care services that are pretty affordable for me, so I did not hesitate to request the help of specialists.
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    You can take special courses that will teach you everything to do this. You can also start with a simple job without education in a nursing home to gain experience! I also took care of an elderly person with dementia for a long time. I couldn't cope at first, so I turned to the professionals at https://www.thekey.com/learning-center/alzheimers-and-dementia-caregiving/how-to-have-more-good-days-with-dementia. They helped, and I was inspired by their work. Now I'm in medical school, and I plan to help older people in the future! Someone has to take over this job! If you have the desire, you will definitely achieve your goal!
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    It is impossible to mentally prepare because your loved one will gradually lose his mental abilities, will not be able to think logically, and will begin to forget important events, the location of his own home, and even relatives. This is a real test for the whole family. People who were very close to the patient and were not ready to accept the changes with him are especially bitterly worried about the diagnosis. Thanks to the strict schedule of specialists, https://homecareassistance.com/palm-beach , you can organize the patient's day to be more orderly. The patient will not need to make decisions independently. He will perform actions in a strict order, feeling more confident and protected.
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