Cost of shipping a D8 dozer?

Can anyone give me an idea how much I should expect to pay for delivery of a D8 bulldozer rental?

Say the shipping distance from rental center to project site is 100 miles?

How about for 15 miles? Is the price much different?

Just want to get an idea so I don't get ripped off


  • For shipments under 1000 miles, the average cost is $0.71 per mile, and for shipments under 100 miles, the average cost is $12.39 per mile. These are the average prices of shipping, but you can find cheaper, depending how you will be able to negotiate the price with the company. When I got my first tractor from, I wanted to transport it to another country, and the prices of shipping were like this at that time. Maybe now they changed a bit, but I don't think that it will be a huge difference.
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