Can no longer edit Action! Recordings.

Hello, I updated my action version from I think it was 4.16.x to the newest version 4.21.4 and now I am unable to edit recordings in DaVinci Resolve. They also won't play properly in windows video player or VLC. Here's what happens when I try to play/import the files, they both work in the built in Action player but mixed results elsewhere.

Resolve: .MP4 imports and plays audio, but no video. Has a "Media Offline" displayed over the video box but otherwise the audio is fine. Trying to import .AVI just results in a brief pause and nothing being imported.

VLC: Seems to play MP4 ok but .AVI has horrendous buzzing over the audio track.

Windows video player: MP4 gives some errors but plays audio. .AVI just displays unknown file format error.

Additional information:
- It was working fine before the update
- I tried updating Resolve but it didn't fix the problem
- I have "Allow multi-channel audio recording" turned OFF. I double checked because know having this on has caused me a lot of issues in the past.
- I have tried both recording my desktop and a selected application window.
- I imported some screen captures I made with a slightly older version of action and they work fine EVERYWHERE.
- Here is an example recording which I now can't edit ( ... xtBtSKvvdb)

I wanted to reinstall the old 4.16 version to keep working but I can only find downloads for the latest version and latest updates of old major versions 3.xx.x etc.


  • You are trying too much; I think you should give up on it. My advice would be to use two different apps for recording and editing. I've heard about so many of them that work with multiple platforms and formats. I don't want to disappoint you, but you must learn how to be more adaptable. The world changes, and if you don't like what you are using, don't try too much to help it; learn to choose something better. Happily, we have a vast assortment, so be wise and choose better. I would recommend stream ladder or join combo, but it is up to you to be careful with your decision as it must suit your criteria.
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