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Oh, and one other thing -- and this is really ironic -- I didn't have much interest in getting my license until about six months ago (I didn't have a lot of places to go where I couldn't get rides, and I like biking). It was my DAD who has been wanting me to get my license; he's been wanting that for TWO YEARS! He'd be more than happy to get me driving, especially if it means he doesn't have to drive four hours straight going to a bluegrass festival... :-)


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    No doubt many will find it odd that the abbotts dont make a big thing of birthdays and hllidays-well, neither do I. I hate the break in my usual routine these require. I buy my kid a bunch of stuff and thats it for me-no cards, no tree, no exchanges the day after. My family always had terrible holidays-drunken family get to gethers-horrible presents-can't think of one present I've ever got that was memorable. Now dont think Im a grinch-I gift people all year round. I enjoy xmas carols (except when they start in October). Today I even had a 'Bluegrass Christmas' (Del McCoury, mac Wiseman, Doc W, etc) on my stereo (my kid turned it off and put on Rob Zombie)-and I have a corner of my hallway decorated with xmas stuff year round-just didnt put it away one year and it grew...I love the old tv specials too-peanuts, grinch, frosty, rudolph..
    as for birthdays-I've never had a great one-nice to have them at all, the life I've lived...never had a party-boo hoo-and I HATE surprises, so dont sneak into my house and throw me one. I might kick you or have a heart attack or both...
    why should it be better than any other day? I didnt do anything that day except come up gasping for air-worst decision i ever made, in many ways. Why celebrate being one day closer to the grave? Live each and every day as a gift, which it is. Dont deny yourself or your loved ones something you want and deserve, get it now, dont delay...
    This message brought to you by Hallmark.
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    Buddy, I agree with a lot of what you have to say here. I don't care one way or another about Xmas, but we put up a tree this year at the urging of the kids - first time we've put up a tree, in fact. We'll be giving them a bunch of presents, then going on with our lives :P I'd really prefer to just give them things throughout the year, but since they really love the whole "orgy of presents" once a year, we do it that way, and they have a blast. We don't celebrate grownups' birthdays beyond a small gift for my parents - we don't really do anything for our own birthday, anniversary, valentines' day, or any other ridiculous reason-to-waste-tons-of-money-on-greeting-cards. Like you said, we really prefer to show our love and appreciation on a DAILY basis, not with a "Be my valentine" card once a year :roll:

    We give the kids a few presents on their birthday and let them pick a special thing to do. I don't see us ever having a huge birthday party, as it's just not our style.

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    I first must say that we used to be big holiday-ers but recently (meaning the past two years), we've gotten older and the novelty just wore off. I think the holidays are appreciated by most people because everybody is gathered together and not spread out like on other days. A coming together day is one way of putting it. For us, we're together most of the time so it's nothing really special (except the food of course).
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    Oh yeah, I love the food-thanxgiving is my favorite-just last week ate the last of the food from then-3 weeks later, but hey i lived...
    never have had a special meal on xmas...
    and my kid loves his birthday, but thats how kids are-next to halloween, it his favorite day of the year.
    and he made me a card this year for my birthday that had me nearly breaking down right in front of the school, it was so sweet-i'm an old softie, gotta get over that...
    this year for xmas he's getting some 'duelmaster' cards (a japanimation tv show) so we can play together...just what i want. LOL
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    If you want to see my tips for Christmas, go to for a merry holidays.

    I might as well tell you what we do for halloween. A few years ago, the novelty of holloween wore off for me but what we've been doing is much more fun. We make up costumes on the spot (salesman, barrel of toxic waste, guy borrowing soap, ninja, etc) and go to the houses on our side of the block. After we go to them, we go back home and dress up in another suit and go back to the same houses. It's more spontaneos and fun. when it gets dark, our neighbors throw a party. Since I love to sneak/be-stealthy and we were invited anyway, I climbed over the fence and hid 'n all. (Since it was holloween, I could dress in a dark oufit for camoflauge) It's fun to do it when people are outside which makes it tricky. It was harder 'cause there was a fire which illuminated the area. I managed to sneak past everybody (even when two of the kids were looking for me). It takes a lot of skill and energy (to stay low). Later that night, We went to a AFE holloween party but I left 'cause I'm not much of a party person (and no, it's not because I'm "brainwashed!" )

    Thought I'd mention it.
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    I've only been to 1 party since i stopped drinking (5 years ago next month-yay me-god, I'm thirsty)-I have an invite to one saturday night, but it's the middle of my week, and the middle of my sleep time, so i'll skip it-i'd just end up being the designated driver anyway...

    i've never been to a halloween party-would like to go to a some year. this year one old lady acussed my kid of already coming to her door, and shooed him away. I called her some choice names, (similar to what gets put on here as ****) & wrote her quite a letter the next day. next year maybe we'll sneak into her yard and do some 'tricks'
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    The halloween party wasn't much. There was a bit of dancing but as you can see on TS, my dancing style was a bit too advanced for them. :wink:

    My grandma said that when she was young, there was no 'treat' in "trick or treat", kids would just do tricks. She said that the biggest prank was soaping somebody's glass window when the owner was on the other side of the glass.
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    yeah, kids have lost the trick aspect of the holiday-probably because the home owner would shoot them...

    and i'd like to see what the posters on theose other boards would say about you if they knew you like to sneak around like a gods! great honk!
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    well, started my xmas shopping today-4 toys so far for the boy-60$...thats a start. Not buying him anything I think he'd like-sticking strictly to his list. of course you never know-last year he deperately wanted this rc car-$70-played with it exactly twice and gathering dust in his toy area ever since...
    I'll be so glad when this holiday season is all over...then i'll have more time to post on here :wink:
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    Guns and tazers take the fun out of chasing trick-ers. :wink:

    I don't sneak around areas I shouldn't by the way!

    I think people should buy their own gift. It would make the holidays much easier and less "return trips" if you know what I mean.
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    He gets to open his two (one for change and one for 'green to make the scene' as he says) piggy banks before xmas-only gets to open them then, and at his birthday. So he'll buy plenty of his own stuff-probably yugioh and dragonball cards and the like...
    -he's pretty tight when it comes to buying for others-but his drawings & hugs & kisses are my favorite gift anyway...
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    On the subject of birthdays, Satchel Paige usually gets credit for the saying 'How old would you be if you didnt know how old you was?"
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