SMB, Roadtrek, Truck Camper?

At the risk of being cast out as an apostate, I'm starting to think about moving on from our SMB and into something with a few more amenities (especially an indoor toilet). We still love our SMB, but after renting a nice, new truck camper for a month two years ago we kinda got to like the amenities that other types of rig offer.

We've been looking seriously at Roadtrek 170 (RB) and 190 (EB) vans, and are also considering a pickup truck and truck camper combo. Right now we're leaning to the Roadtrek because we're still campervan folks at heart.

So... I welcome any thoughts or advice from others who may have gone down this route. Part of me says just to figure out a better way to put the Porta Potty in the SMB, but the Roadtreks we've looked at are pretty tempting. The only attraction to the truck camper route is being able to do away with an extra vehicle, as I'd use the truck as a daily driver.

We are two adults and a mid-teens son. Our traveling style is roadtripping and touring, staying at most three nights in one place (usually 1-2). We've spent up to five weeks living in our EB SMB, so we're used to smaller spaces.

While most time is spent on pavement, we do like to explore fire roads and the like. Even though our van is 2WD, the high clearance of the Ford E250 and the LS rear have never let us down. We just about always have bikes on the back and all the requisite gear inside. Our SMB has a ton of storage, which the other options don't really offer. The limited clearance of the Roadtreks is one of the biggest negatives in my mind.

I've also thought about getting a new(er) Transit and building out a somewhat basic camper, but not sure if I want to embark on that right now.

The thought of selling our SMB, though, is somewhat heart-wrenching, as we have so many great memories made in it and it's still in very good condition and ready for the next trip. I know it intimately and love the E-van platform (the Roadtrek is a Chevy Express).


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